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Benetech’s impact is amplified by the contributions of the dedicated individuals who volunteer their time and skills to advance our work. Our volunteers apply their passion and expertise in areas such as literacy, communications, software development and business development. Many work remotely, while some come in to our Palo Alto office. They make up a rich and lively community—participating in discussion groups, book clubs, and other events. We invite you to join our vibrant network of volunteers!

Currently, we have volunteer opportunities in the following areas:

Global Literacy

Become a Bookshare volunteer and help us grow and improve our accessible library. These volunteer tasks are mostly done remotely, and they include:

  • Scanning hard copies of books into a computer using OCR (Optical Character Recognition Software) and converting them into RTF files.
  • Proofreading scanned submissions for quality assurance.
  • Image Descriptions: We need volunteers with strong writing skills and knowledge of academic subjects to describe images in textbooks. Volunteers describe images in their subject matter, with a focus on science, technology, engineering, and/or math. These volunteers work entirely online, using the open source Poet image description tool developed by the DIAGRAM Center. For more information, view our wiki page.
  • Collection Development: Volunteers complete a variety of tasks, including conducting quality checks on books that have been submitted to the library, proofreading high-priority scanned books for the library, assisting with the cleanup of metadata records, and conducting inventory checks on books ordered for processing. Please note that this volunteer opportunity is only available at our Palo Alto office and cannot be done remotely.
  • Marketing and Communications: Occasionally, opportunities to become involved with Benetech’s literacy projects arise in the areas of marketing, outreach, research, and writing. These projects often require some part-time work in our Palo Alto office.

For further details on all of Benetech’s literacy-related volunteer opportunities, please visit our Bookshare website or contact Volunteer [at]

Benetech Globe HR HTML ReplacementCode Alliance

Are you a tech professional that wants to use your skills to advance social good? If so, then Code Alliance (previously SocialCoding4Good) can connect you with opportunities, at Benetech and our partner organizations, that match your skills and availability. You’ll be able to volunteer your time on open source software projects that help advance positive social change.

Benetech Globe HR HTML ReplacementHuman Rights Program

Benetech’s open source software projects are used all over the world and their impact is magnified when we are able to provide localized versions for people in non-English speaking locations. If you are a native or native-level English speaker with a high-level proficiency in a foreign language, you may be able to help spread our tools by updating translations of our Martus software.

We need help updating translations of the user interface and product documents in Arabic, Burmese, Chinese, Farsi/Dari, French, Indonesian, Italian, Khemer, Nepali, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Thai and Ukrainian.

Benetech Globe HR HTML ReplacementInterested?

Please note that Benetech requires volunteers to be at least 15 years of age. If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch soon:

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