Photo of a woman giving testimony to a human rights interviewer.Photo of Benetech staff brainstorming at whiteboard.Photo of environmental conservationists at work. These conservationists use Miradi to manage their project.

Benetech’s work is made possible because of a community of amazing individuals and organizations that have supported our efforts, both through financial contributions and programmatic collaborations. If you’re interested in becoming a partner, please contact us at: Info [at]

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Benetech is generously supported by leaders in philanthropy and technology and by government agencies. Their support allows us to remove profit as a barrier to conceiving and developing technology that would improve the lives of millions. Together, we can ensure that those who would benefit most from technology have access to it.

If your foundation or company is interested in supporting our work, please contact Aaron Firestone, our Director of Business Development at AaronFirestone [at]

Our recent public and private institutional financial supporters include:

At Benetech, we prefer partnership and collaboration to going it alone. Our technology applications create social progress only in the hands of users, which is why we ask with every new project idea we explore: Whom will we need to engage to see that this happens?

Moreover, we don’t want to duplicate what others do better, so we’re always looking for other organizations we could work with or through to accomplish our goal.

Our program partners and collaborators are located around the world. Below are just some of them: