Are Your Ebooks Accessible?

States and school districts are increasingly mandating the procurement of textbooks and instructional materials in accessible formats. These allow students with disabilities to read books in ways that work for them. They may include audio, braille, large font, and other critical formats that make books accessible to people with different learning needs.

How can you ensure you are purchasing ebooks that are accessible?

Now you can look for the Accessible Ebook Certification from Benetech. The certification program that is currently beta provides:

  • Thorough inspection of ebooks from leading publishers and conversion houses
  • Evaluation of conformance with EPUB 3 accessibility guidelines, the global ebook standard
  • Benetech rating showing the accessibility level of the book

Benetech is a leader in ebook accessibility. Through our Born Accessible initiative, we are focused on ensuring that all digital content is created accessibly from the very beginning.

We partner with other accessibility leaders like the DAISY Consortium with funding from a Google Impact Challenge Award and work directly with leading publishers and conversion houses to evaluate ebooks.

Benetech’s Certification Program helps publishers create ebooks accessibly with full confidence that they meet state and school district purchasing requirements. For educators, it provides peace of mind knowing that they are not only meeting procurement requirements, but more importantly, supporting students in ways that help them better learn.

Benetech Globe HR HTML ReplacementJoin our Publisher Beta Program

Benetech invites all publishers and conversion houses to participate in our beta certification program and evaluate the accessibility of their ebooks. To learn more about participation, contact our certification team.

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