Photo of the Nevada Desert.Photo of environmental conservationists at work. These conservationists use Miradi to manage their project.Photo of undeveloped, rocky and steep stretch of California coast.

Benetech’s Environment Program

The Environment Program explores tech solutions to help communities address sustainability challenges. Building on our experience developing software for environmental groups for years, we are now looking at new opportunities in this field. We are considering new open source tools to guide planning, deliver best practices, connect users who are tackling similar issues, and collect data for better quantification and visualization of sustainability impact. These projects are explored in Benetech Labs. One product idea currently being prototyped is a clean water solution to strengthen the capacity of Latin American clean water organizations with enhanced data platforms. Stay tuned for updates about this and other sustainability-focused projects.

The exploratory phase of these projects has been made possible by the generous support of the Hitz and Severns Family Foundations.

Graphic of Benetech's logo, a globe with a binary code.


The logo for Miradi software.In 2008, Benetech, the Conservation Measures Partnership (CMP), and Foundations of Success (FOS) launched Miradi—an open source desktop application that allows nature conservation practitioners to design, manage, monitor, and learn from their projects to more effectively meet their conservation goals.

Miradi has become the leading platform of choice for adaptive project management and planning for the conservation community, and is utilized in more than 170 countries by users ranging from large conservation organizations to local and regional groups, researchers, nonprofit, for-profit, and governmental organizations.

In 2014, Benetech celebrated a milestone, exiting Miradi and turning continued management and maintenance of this open source software project to the conservation community. The project had reached sustainability, and Benetech’s commitment to open source made this transition easy.