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Photo of a SocialCoding4Good tech talk for VMware employeesPhoto of Benetech staff brainstorming at whiteboard.Photo of an event in which SocialCoding4Good worked with NASA to challenge software developers to leverage NASA's graphing tool MathTrax in order to improve the accessibility of science and math textbooks in Bookshare.

Where open innovation meets social empowerment,
and bold ideas change the world


At Benetech, we always ask ourselves how we can apply technology in new ways to create lasting social impact:

  • Logo for Benetech LabsWhich of the many new product ideas in our pipeline could become successful tools that improve the lives of entire communities by an order of magnitude?
  • How can innovative ideas that grow out of our existing program areas reshape the fields where we work?
  • And how can we stimulate the creation of far more technology-for-good ventures for impact beyond what Benetech can do itself?

With Benetech Labs, we:

  • Prototype new social good technology applications in areas outside our established programs;
  • Launch products that will have the largest social good reach and 10x the impact;
  • Ignite cross-sector collaboration with the nonprofit, corporate, technology, and stakeholder communities.

Drawing on our successful track record, we channel a Silicon Valley entrepreneurial spirit and business approach to support and catalyze the creation of new software enterprises for social empowerment.

I’ve seen too many well-meaning efforts in the nonprofit world find themselves bogged down in unanticipated roadblocks and unintended consequences. By embracing rapid prototyping and a focus on the user, Benetech’s new Labs program helps researchers, partners, and social entrepreneurs quickly identify, evaluate, and move forward with the ideas that hold the greatest promise for lasting social impact.

— David Pablo Cohn, Benetech Labs Partner and former Googler

Want to get involved? Want to make a big social impact? Here’s how:

Become-Labs-Partner-GraphicsBenetech Labs now offers a new opportunity for entrepreneurs to help us build the capacity to discover and develop new technology applications for social good. Our Benetech Labs Partners commit to funding Benetech at a minimum level over two years. In return, our Labs Partners have opportunities to engage with Benetech’s project development process and are provided with insider information on new initiatives and ideas. Learn more >>

Submit-Labs-Idea-GraphicsDo you have an idea or a potential solution that would use technology to meet a pressing social need? We invite you to share it with us—and with the world! Submit your idea via our accessible form >>

Graphic of Benetech's logo, a globe with a binary code.

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