Robert A. Wexler

Robert A. Wexler

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Robert Wexler is a principal at Adler & Colvin, a firm specializing in the law of nonprofit organizations. His practice focuses primarily on the areas of tax and corporate matters for nonprofits and their donors. Mr. Wexler is a member of the American Bar Association and an active participant in the Tax Section’s Exempt Organization Committee, where he is a past Chair of the Committee. He is a lecturer in law at Stanford Law School where he teaches the Law of Nonprofit Organizations. He also writes and speaks frequently about nonprofit law and social enterprises. Mr. Wexler holds a J.D. from Columbia University and a B.A. from Brown University.

What first made you excited to get involved with Benetech?

I had been working with Benetech as nonprofit legal counsel on a paid basis for about fifteen years, and I have been so impressed over the years with how extraordinarily effective and innovative it is. Benetech is a nonprofit social enterprise that, put simply, gets things done, effectively, efficiently, and creatively.  For only the second time in my career, I was so excited to give up my paid work for a client and become a volunteer board member. Because all of my clients are nonprofit organizations, and I have been practicing law for over thirty years, it takes a special organization for me to make this shift.

Based on your experience, what is the significance of technology in driving social progress?

Increasingly, social enterprises are realizing that technology, whether in the form of a simple water pump for to help poor farmers or a complex Benetech computer program, can make a huge difference in solving major world problems and in promoting social justice. More and more innovators are working on technology solutions to world problems, and Benetech is a leader in this area, having done it for over twenty years at a high level of technical sophistication.

What would you say to someone who is considering partnering with Benetech or maybe even joining you on the board?

Benetech is a unique nonprofit social enterprise that can truly benefit from new and innovative partnerships and from new, enthusiastic board members.  The people at Benetech, from Jim on down, are absolutely delightful to work with, and they are very open to new ideas and to accepting help when offered. It is a great experience to work with an organization that shows positive results year in and year out. Benetech is really the poster child for SROI—social return on investment.