Mark Roberts

Mark Roberts

By posted in on September 5, 2014 at 9:33am

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What were you doing before Benetech that led you here?

I had been working for many years in the executive ranks at for-profit, consumer and IT technology companies in Silicon Valley. It was rewarding and great experience, but I was missing something.

At one of my last jobs in Palo Alto I would walk down California Avenue to get lunch and kept seeing the sign “Benetech—Technology Serving Humanity.” It got me thinking about where I was most fulfilled up to that point in my career. I was a tech executive at a pioneering medical ultrasound company called Acuson back in the 1990’s. We clearly understood how what we were doing helped people’s lives. It was a wonderful and rewarding experience.

I went on to run engineering and operations at TiVo for 12 years and then followed an executive I respected to Next Issue Media, a magazine service/technology company. As I walked past the Benetech sign one day, the thought hit me: Making people more productive watching TV or reading magazines is fun, but falls short of having a real impact on society.

My son has dyslexia, so I got very excited as I learned more about what Benetech was doing in the field of literacy and accessibility. I am grateful to have this opportunity to use my technology and management skills to create positive social change.

What is the best part about your job at Benetech?

I like using skills I have learned over the years to make unique products that help niche, underserved markets and that focus on social good. Benetech provides tools that empower people in need to make their lives richer and safer.

I especially like the passionate people at Benetech. They are smart, focused on delivering high impact products, and truly care about the constituents they serve.

Thinking about Benetech’s future, what are you most excited about?

I am very excited to continue the fight for literacy, human rights, and the environment. I am excited about Benetech Labs and looking for new innovative technologies that can better society. I am excited to work side by side with passionate donors to make a real difference. I am excited about doing more with less by leveraging open source software to crowd source volunteers from the many talented engineering teams of Silicon Valley companies. That’s a lot to be excited about!

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