Joie Lê

Joie Lê

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Joie Lê is responsible for all legal matters that impact Benetech. She started her legal career in mediation and civil litigation and transitioned to legal departments of global technology companies several years later. Joie has been sole counsel of several start-ups, as well as of pre-IPO companies that eventually went public. Prior to Benetech, Joie was general counsel of Samsung Electronic’s U.S. subsidiary, Samsung Research America, and before that, of TeleNav, Inc. Joie was born in South Vietnam, where she spent her childhood. Her family moved to Hong Kong during the war, and then to Vancouver, B.C. Having lived in Western Europe, Asia, Australia, Canada and the U.S., and traveled to many more countries, Joie is convinced that world travel teaches tolerance, adaptability, and acceptance of cultural differences underpinned by appreciation of the universality of human experiences. She believes in the power of education, in reaching children while they are young enough to be positively influenced, and in the notion that if money is at the root of evil, poverty is at the root of much of human suffering. Since her high school days, she has been deeply involved in volunteering efforts that advance the interests of the disadvantaged, especially the young, on issues of poverty, education and literacy.

A graduate of Santa Clara University, where she received both her BA and JD, Joie speaks four languages and is on the Board of Directors of Family Violence Appellate Project and the French American School of Silicon Valley.