Joel Riciputi

Joel Riciputi

By posted in on July 13, 2016 at 12:54pm

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Joel Riciputi is Benetech’s Vice President of Marketing where he leads integrated product and program marketing, corporate marketing, and communications. Previously he was VP of Product Marketing at Nexant and has held senior marketing, product, and business development roles at startups and public companies as well as nonprofits including Hara, APX, Nuance and the US Environmental Training Institute. Over the past 20+ years Joel’s work has spanned a range of global technology challenges from sustainability and energy management to speech recognition and security, all at the juncture of leveraging technology for action and impact. These integrated programs and projects have influenced and or directly impacted results such as industrial and municipal greenhouse gas reduction, implementation of major wastewater treatment and air pollution control projects, and wireless data security for hospitals and schools among others.

He has degrees from American University and George Washington University and hails from the great state of Maine. Other interests and fun include time with family, backpacking, cycling, fly fishing, and soccer.