Mission & Truths

Photo of the face of a female worker at the National Police Archive in Guatemala in front of stacks of bundles of documents.


Benetech empowers communities in need by creating scalable technology solutions.

The Seven Benetech Truths

Benetech has adopted a core set of principles to guide our vision and decision making. We refer to these concepts daily in evaluating our work and our plans for the future.

 1. Social Change Through Technology—Benetech is about creating positive social change at scale, and we use technology as the vehicle to drive it. Technology is a great way to get to scale and to reinvent the way people are doing business throughout the social sector. We’re not about profit; we’re about impact.

2. We Get Stuff Done—Benetechies are intensely results focused. We aim high, and then try to exceed our commitments. This means that we fully commit to the fields where we operate, learning as much as we can and following through on our promises. And we measure what we do so that we know we’re getting stuff done.

3. Right Stuff Right—Just three words that convey so much. We ensure that our work is up to world-class standards, focus on doing the right thing where we can make the maximum impact, and conduct business in an ethical way. When we’re trying to make a decision about something, the way forward is just so much clearer when someone asks, “Yes, but are we doing the right thing right?”

4. Open Over Proprietary—We’re an open-source organization. Not only our software but also the content we create is almost always available under Creative Commons licenses. And we value transparency. What’s really important is the mission, and we trust that being clear and open will lead to the best possible outcomes. There is information that we do consider highly proprietary: the information shared with us by our users and partners. We’re pragmatic enough to adopt a proprietary approach when we think it’s the best way to accomplish our mission goals, but we always lean toward being open.

5. Partnership Over Going Alone—Benetech’s strength is in developing technology responsive to real-world needs, but we can’t do it alone. In so many areas, we have chosen the partners who have deep knowledge and deep trust networks. Benetech provides what they are missing—the technology development expertise and the connections with top tech communities and companies. Our partnerships result in better ultimate social impact when we’ve built trust with the people with whom we’re working.

6. Value Flexibility—We respect our team and their commitment to do what it takes for social change. As part of that commitment, we prioritize flexibility both for and from our team members. This allows us to do more with less, without sacrificing teamwork and spirit. Our entrepreneurial approach also requires flexibility. When you’re creating something new, it never goes according to plan. We are always alert to better ways to accomplish the social objectives.

7. Personal and Professional Development—We care about the professional development of our staff and foster personal learning, growth and service—whether that’s helping a team member pursue graduate studies, become a better public speaker or deeply understand the challenges our users face. Benetech builds the careers of our team members while we benefit from their service to our mission.

Ultimately, we’re helping to lead a movement to have technology fully serve humanity. We speak regularly to students and to professionals, sharing our love for our work and hoping to inspire a fresh crop of social entrepreneurs and innovators.